Note: Please be sure to request approval specifications that provide further details of the products. Kindly note that the content of these specifications are subject to change or may be discontinued without prior notice. This product may not be designed/used in medical or high risk applications without Chilisin approval. Please contact our sales department before ordering.

Multilayer Chip Beads

Photo SeriesSize Code JIS/EIAApplicationImpedance
Rated Current
SBJ100505.jpgABSJ_100505 1005/0402For General Signal Line Under 1GHz 30-1500 100-500Send Enquiry
ABSJ_160808 1608/0603 120-2500 200-400
PBY100505.jpgABPY_100505 1005/0402For Power Line Under 1 GHz 10-1000 500-2000Send Enquiry
ABPY_160808 1608/0603 10-1000 800-4000
ABPY_201209 2012/0805 10-1000 1500-6000
ABPY_321611 3216/1206 30-600 2000-4000
NBQ100505.jpgABNQ_100505 1005/0402For High Speed Signal Line Under 1GHz 10-600 200-500Send Enquiry
ABNQ_160808 1608/0603 60-1000 200-500
HFY100505.jpgABFY_100505-HP 1005/0402For GHz Band Large Current Use 220 700Send EnquirySend Enquiry
HFY100505.jpgABFJ_100505 1005/0402For GHz Band General Use 600-1800 200-300Send Enquiry

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